Overdraft Fees And Policies At Pnc

Triston Martin

Jan 04, 2023

PNC is a financial firm that offers a variety of banking and financial services, including loans, credit cards, including checking and savings accounts in addition to savings and checking accounts. If a customer makes a purchase or takes money out of their account when there is not enough money in it, they will be subject to overdraft fees at PNC, as they will be at many other banks as well. This website will give a description of PNC's overdraft policies and processes, including, among other things, how to avoid incurring expenses associated with overdrafts and how to fight an overdraft penalty.

PNC's Overdraft Fees And Policies: An Overview

An overdraft fee is assessed when a PNC client purchases or withdraws money from their account when there are insufficient funds. In most cases, the cost is a flat rate. However, the precise amount may vary based on the kind of account and other variables. PNC has procedures that govern how it manages overdrafts on accounts and collects overdraft fees. If a customer's checking account falls below its limit, PNC's overdraft protection service may automatically transfer money from a connected savings account or credit card to pay the shortfall.

However, there may be expenses connected with using this service, like transfer fees or interest when you use a credit card to pay for the overdraft. These fees and interest rates are not guaranteed to be waived. The overdraft rules and penalties imposed by PNC may vary from one client account type to another in accordance with other factors. Essential Checking from PNC has a lower overdraft fee than Performance Checking from the same bank, so it's a good choice for those who often go over their balances. The terms and conditions, as well as any fee schedules that may be applicable to the customer's account, include an explanation of the regulations and expenses associated with overdrafts.

How Does PNC Bank Manage Overdrafts?

Despite PNC's right to levy an overdraft fee, the bank provides many safeguards against such charges and a grace period during which clients may transfer funds from other accounts or make other deposits to avoid being penalized. PNC's overdraft charge and Extra Time service are outlined below. Customers of PNC's Virtual Wallet who are in "Low Cash Mode" on the Spend account will incur a maximum of one $36 overdraft fee per day. Four $36 overdraft fees limit per day for all other accounts.

There Is No Nonsufficient Funds Cost

At the close of business on the next day, the balance in your Spending account must be at least zero. If you get your account current before a certain amount of your Extra Time, you won't be responsible for paying an overdraft charge.

How To Prevent Overdraft Charges

Overdraft fees can be avoided in several ways at PNC, such as:

  • Keeping tabs on your account balance and ensuring enough funds to cover your transactions is a simple way to avoid getting hit with overdraft fees. You can do this in several ways, including electronically (by logging in to your account online or using the PNC Mobile app) and manually (by writing down all deposits and withdrawals).
  • Customers can set up various alerts from PNC to keep tabs on their account balances and avoid overdraft fees. Customers can, for instance, sign up for low balance alerts that send them messages whenever their account balance drops below a specified amount.
  • In the event of an overdraft, PNC customers can use a linked account or credit card for additional protection. Instead of charging a fee for overdrafts, PNC will automatically transfer funds from the connected account or credit card to cover the overdraft. But bear in mind that.


An overdraft fee is assessed whenever a PNC customer makes a purchase or withdraws money from their account when there are insufficient funds. The exact cost may change based on several factors, including your account type. Overdrafts are handled following PNC's established policies. Customers can sign up for overdraft protection if they choose, allowing the bank to deduct the necessary amount from a linked account or credit card. Customers can avoid overdraft fees by monitoring account activity, receiving alerts about low balances, and using overdraft protection features. A PNC client who believes they have been improperly assessed an overdraft fee can dispute the charge and request a refund by contacting the bank.

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