Jetty Homeowners Insurance Policy Evaluation For 2022

Susan Kelly

Dec 29, 2022

Founded in 2015, Jetty is a niche insurance provider that focuses on renters' insurance and provides a variety of endorsements, or "Power-Ups," to its customers. Only residents of Jetty's partner properties are eligible for coverage. No one represents Jetty in the marketplace. You can only get a quote if you sign up through the property manager if you live in one of their partner properties. When it comes to helping tenants pay their security deposits and stay current on their rent payments, Jetty has you covered in other ways as well.

Rental Insurance Costs And Policies In Jetty

Overall, Jetty renters insurance was rated four stars. The editorial staff here at NerdWallet is responsible for establishing our grading system. Factors such as coverage options, discounts, claim processing times, website clarity, financial stability, customer satisfaction ratings, and NAIC complaint statistics all factor into the final score.

Rental Insurance For A Jetty

Tenants may be required by their landlords to carry a certain amount of renters liability insurance, but beyond that, the policy's specifics are left to the individual. In general, a renters insurance policy will cover the following four things: These "Power-Up" endorsements can be added to your Jetty policy to make it exactly what you need.

The Safekeeping Of Priceless Items:

Coverage is unlimited up to $5,000, making it ideal for valuables like jewellery, bicycles, and instruments. A personal floater endorsement can be purchased to cover specific items if their combined value exceeds $5,000.

Defending Your Own Electrical Devices:

It covers damages, such as drops and breaks, that aren't covered by typical policies.

Concerns From Customers

Coverage under your policy is provided by State National Insurance Company, with whom Jetty collaborates. According to three years' worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, State National had some house insurance complaints to state regulators that were nearly in line with what would be expected given the company's size. (The National Association of Insurance Commissioners receives complaints about multiple types of home insurance, including renters and condos.)

In Addition, We Rent Out Other Products From Jetty.

You can use Jetty Deposit to lower your security deposit if you still need to get the full amount (often one month's rent). When you use Jetty, you can choose between a one-time price and a recurring charge, and they'll take care of the security deposit for you. These costs are based on "soft" credit checks, which do not harm your score. If you choose the monthly cost, you will be required to pay it monthly for the term of your lease (except in Texas, where the maximum time limit is 19 months).

With Jetty Rent, the company will cover your entire monthly rent payment on the first of each month, and you'll have until the 24th to repay them in full or in instalments. There will be a $15 origination cost and a monthly service fee ranging from $15 to $25.

Rental Insurance: A Buying Guide

Before shopping around for renters insurance, you should compile relevant data, such as the rental address and the presence or absence of security elements.

The amount of insurance you require is another consideration. Quickly calculate how much it would cost to replace your things. Throw in the TV, stereo, clothes, jewellery, and other accessories. It would help if you insured at least this much of your belongings.

Pros And Cons Of Jetty Insurance


  • Coverage for bedbugs and personal property is provided at no extra expense.
  • Coverage "Power-Ups" comes in a wide variety of flavours.


  • There are no discounts available.
  • The only way to qualify for Jetty insurance is to reside in a Jetty partner building.

Filing A Claim With The Renter's Insurance

Please Save It As Soon As Possible.

A faster response from your insurer in assigning an adjuster and processing your claim means a faster payout for you in the event of theft or damage to your home. In some circumstances, you can submit a claim via the company's website or mobile app, but in others, you may need to contact your insurance provider directly. It's a good idea to keep your insurance number close at hand.

Reconstruct The Destruction With Documentation.

Take pictures or videos of the damage to submit with your insurance claim. First, inform the police and your insurance provider if something was stolen from you. Your insurance company may require a copy of their report.

Stop The Bleeding From Happening.

After photographing the damage, take measures to safeguard your items, such as covering a broken window with a tarp. Keep your shopping receipts if you get money back from your insurance company for supplies.

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