What Are the 7 Great Money Saving Tips When Living in France?

Triston Martin

Dec 24, 2022


Living in France doesn't have to put a strain on your finances - by following some easy money-saving tips, you can make the most of your stay without feeling the pinch and ensure your funds last through your stay! Here are 7 great money-saving tips when living in France:

1. Consider Renting Instead Of Owning

If you're planning on staying for just a few years, then renting instead of owning property may be your way forward. Not only will this save you a lot of money on the upfront cost, but it could also mean that you don't have to worry about maintenance costs. In some cases, renting can offer better value for money than buying a property outright - especially if you're living in a large city like Paris, where rents can be costly.

2. Look For Deals On Groceries

Another great way to save money in France is by looking for deals on groceries. Many supermarkets and grocery stores have regular promotions offering discounts and special offers – so take advantage of these when possible. Additionally, keep an eye out for store-specific loyalty cards that offer extra savings or rewards – such as cashback or free items – when you shop at that store.

3. Get A Carte de Séjour

If you're planning on staying in France for more than 90 days, getting a Carte de Séjour (residence permit) is a good idea. This will allow you to access certain services and benefits such as discounts on cinema tickets, cheaper train fares and reduced rates at certain museums and galleries.

4. Invest In A Reusable Bag

Take your bag with you when grocery shopping rather than buying disposable bags from the store. Not only are reusable bags better for the environment, but they can also save you some money in the long run, as plastic bags typically cost €0.15 each - which can quickly add up.

5. Become A Member Of Your Local Library

Another great money-saving tip is to become a member of your local library. Not only will this provide access to the latest books and magazines, but most libraries also offer discounted movie tickets and special offers on events such as concerts or plays. Plus, it's usually free to join!

6. Buy Generic Products Where Possible

Opt for generic products instead of more expensive branded items when shopping for groceries. Many supermarkets in France have brands that are just as good quality but at a fraction of the price – so it can be well worth looking at these options before heading to the checkout counter.

7. Take Advantage Of Free Events

Finally, take advantage of the many free events available in France. Many cities and towns host regular cultural festivals and other special occasions throughout the year where you can experience local traditions without spending a dime. Additionally, there are usually plenty of free concerts, art exhibitions and movie screenings happening on weekends – so make sure to research what's happening near you and make the most of it!

Importance of Money-Saving Tips When Living in France

Living in France can be expensive, but with the right money-saving tips, it is possible to ensure your funds last throughout your stay. One tip for saving money is to plan and budget carefully. Consider what you need to purchase during an average month and all your expenses, such as rent, food, utilities, transportation etc. It is also important to look out for discounts on everyday items that can help you save significantly over time. Taking advantage of loyalty schemes at supermarkets or clothing stores will often reward customers with free products or discounts, which can help reduce costs quickly.

Another great way to save money while living in France is through bartering and trading services with other people. For example, if one person needs help with their garden, they can trade with someone else who needs their car serviced. By doing this, both parties can save money that would otherwise have been spent on professional services. With a bit of imagination and careful planning, it is possible to save considerable money while living in France.


Living in France can be cheap if you manage your finances. Following these seven great money-saving tips when living in France, you can enjoy an incredible lifestyle without breaking the bank. With careful budgeting, strategy and smart shopping decisions, you can easily save money while still enjoying the best of what France has to offer. Happy saving!

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